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Unique opportunity to own Belize's first and only pod hotel

We are Belize's first and only "Pod Hotel"! With 12 air-conditioned pods and 4 air-conditioned bunks, and custom woodwork everywhere our dorm would be considered “high end” by any standard, but we are not limited to Pods we also have 4 private air-conditioned rooms, 2 two 2-bedroom apartments, and our personal residence and woodworking shop (both of which are in a separate building fenced off from the guest facilities) we also have an open-air eatery and rooftop bar with a Brunswick pool table, where our guests enjoy views of the Caribbean Sea and local mountain ranges. Our guests come from all over the world, families, backpackers, and self-proclaimed “travelers” looking to experience different people and cultures! And our favorite! Study abroad groups! We have accommodated study abroad groups for years but only recently realized how perfect a fit they are here! Punta Gorda is a small sleepy town known for its cultural diversity, we have every ethnic group in Belize represented here! Maya, Creole, Garinagu, East Indian, German Mennonite, Mestizo, and Chinese. Being in the back of town affords us a level of privacy and all the perks of being in town i.e., high-speed fiber optic internet, a stone's throw from the hospital, and several “food spots” (we like to think our eatery has over the years influenced the local food scene, the fact is that the best food found in Belize is right here in Punta Gorda Town!) several local parks, fish market, meat market, and fruit and vegetable market. Hardware stores, paint stores, supermarkets with lots of familiar products from America, and warm friendly people everywhere!

Asking $1,500,000 USD

Main Building
Main Residence