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7 Night Trip 
11th-18th 2023
Southern Belize Cultural Immersion Experience

What's included? 

Pick up from the Punta Gorda Airport

7 night stay at A Piece Of Ground

3 meals a day for 7 days 

Tour of the Town 

7 off-site tours

   - Nim Li Punit Maya Ruin

   - Belize Spice Farm Tour 

   - Chocolate making tour

   - Blue Creek Cave adventure

   - Rio Blanco falls excursion and picnic

   - Lubaantun Maya Ruin 

   - Port Honduras snorkeling 

On-site activities 

   - Sip and paint sessions

   - Live performances

   - Movie nights 

   - Optional daily morning yoga

   - Optional massage sessions

Explore local restaurants and cuisine.

Open restaurant and rooftop bar. 


Available Rooms For This Trip


Room #4 - Private Bunk Room

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Communal Sleeping Pods

12 Pods Available

Easily the dopest thing here is our sleep Pods!


Bunker Room

4 beds left 

The bunker room is part of the pod dorm and shares its work space and bathrooms. Perfect for small groups that would like a lil extra privacy!

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