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Nim Li Punit

Get ready to journey just 30 miles from Punta Gorda to Nim Li Punit! Discovered by oil prospectors in 1976, this ancient Mayan site is set in the lush foothills of the Maya Mountains. Imagine strolling through the 'Plaza of the Stelae,' which is basically the red carpet for Mayan stonework. You'll find 26 jaw-dropping stelae here, one even holds the title of 'Tallest Stela in Belize. From royal tombs that coughed up Belize's second-largest jade artifact to hieroglyphics that spill the Mayan tea, Nim Li Punit is a ceremony of splendor and mystery—kinda like the Met Gala but for Mayan gods, rulers, and a population once estimated at up to 7,000. And yes, archaeologists have unearthed royal tombs here, but sorry, no selfies with the ancient elite!

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