Lubaantun (27).jpg

Lubaantun Archaeological Reserve

A devastated ruin where British explorers claimed to unearth the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. 

Nim Li Punit (2).jpg

Nim Li Punit Mayan Ruins

 Nim Li Punit is sometimes known as Big Hat or Top Hat; the name is Kekchi Maya for "Big Hat", referring to the large elaborate head-dress on a stela sculpture found on site depicting one of the site's ancient kings

Blue Creek Cave (9).jpg

Hokeb Ha Cave

 with its large entrance carved from the summit of a hill where the Creek gurgles up from underground. Many Late Classic Maya ceramics have been found inside the cave, as well as an altar, and archaeologists believe the cave was used specifically for ceremonial purposes

Rio Blanco Waterfalls (3).jpg

Rio Blanco National Park

 reveals intriguing sights, among them the cascading, emerald pools at Rio Blanco. 


Belize Spice Farm & Botanical Gardens

With the addition of flowering arches, aquatic garden and Fruit Orchards, the Spice farm earned the reputation as a beautiful Botanical Garden. 

Eliodio's cacao farm tour (10).jfif

Eladio's Eco Farm & Chocolate

Eladio’s Chocolate Adventure is a family-owned and operated Eco Tour, focusing on organic production of cacao and an authentic Chocolate experience

snorkeling at port honduras marine reserve (1).jfif

Snorkeling at the Port Honduras Marine Reserve

The Reserve has an abundance of wildlife, including manatees, fish, turtles, dolphins, birds, mangroves and coral reefs,